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Welcome to Hotel SunriseVns.com

Quote of Mark Twain

Benaras is older than history,older than tradition,

older even legend, and looks twice as old as all of them put together!" -Mark Twain

The name Varanasi has its origin possibly from the names of the two rivers Varuna and Assi, for the old city lies in the north shores of the Ganges bounded by its two tributaries, the Varuna and the Assi, with the Ganges being to its south.Another speculation about the origin of the name is that the river Varuna itself was called Varanasi in olden times, from which the city got its name.

In the Rigveda, the city was referred to as Kasi or Kashi, "the luminous one" as an allusion to the city's historical status as a centre of learning, literature, art and culture.

If you want to see more details about our hotel then please visit the section "About Us". You can learn more about the "facilities" and types of rooms available for "accommodation" by visiting the respective sections. You can also enquire for room availability and contact us to get your bookings done in advance.

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